History of Black Friday

History of Black Friday as it pertains to the day after Thanksgiving.
Evidence shows it started in Philadephia in the 1950s
to describe the chaos of the crowds of tourist and shoppers
flooding the city in advance of the Army-Navy football game
while also kicking off the Christmas shopping season.
It was a law enforcement headache!

Black Friday didn’t catch on in the rest of the Nation until the late 1980s
when retailers found a way to connect black Friday to accounting practices
that showed losses in red ink and profits in black ink and after most of the year
filled with red ink black Friday was the start of their ledgers being filled with black ink.

What this has done over the years is to encourage shoppers to try online stores and from 2016 to now it increases yearly and it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to know this year won’t be any different.

What’s interesting about this year is,
The number of days between Black Friday and Christmas day changes yearly also
2016-29 days
2017-30 days
2019-26 days
What this means is the retailers don’t have as many days to profit from, expect them to start their sales early!
Knowing this should give you an advantage.